Rising Constellation: Genesis

Rising Constellation is born in 2019 on the initiative of Abdelaz3r, the developer and entrepreneur behind the Asylamba series. In 2011, with a handful of friends, Abdelaz3r releases « Asylamba: Stellar Expansion, » a free browser-based 4X cooperative RTS game. In 2018, with his company RTFM Corp he releases on Steam « Asylamba: Influence, » a puzzle game in the same universe as his first opus.

In the spring of 2019, he approaches his older brother Novae and asks him to help create a third title for the Asylamba series. After discussing and reworking the project envisioned by Abdelaz3r, Novae agreea to embark on the adventure to help structure the project and find the necessary funding.

In June 2019, Tomsnatchy joins the team to lend his project management expertise to the project and participate in its financing.

Thus the initial team was formed and, in July 2019, the Blackflag Games Studio is founded. The project is launched under the name “Asylamba: Fallen Tetrarchy« !

The following months are dedicated to game design and building the team.

The idea of revolving gameplay around 3 types of agents, each with 6 skills, is brought forth. The ambition of bringing together RTS players, 4X players and roleplay enthusiasts by proposing 3 game modes (Flash, Tactic and Legacy) – all while keeping the characteristics that had made Asylamba a success, namely cooperative play, the possibility for players to specialize their gameplay, and the ability for players to write the History of the game via a Prestige mode – is born.

The project now requires skills that the founding team does not have and the need for graphical assets quickly becomes a priority. A call for tenders is launched. 30 artists portfolios many lively debates later, the team decides on 2 talented illustrators and chooses to divide the work between them. Hhmmmm would take care of all of the game’s pictograms as well as the illustrations for the patents and lexes and Loïc_Lebas would create the drawings for the buildings, ships and characters. This is fall of 2019. 

In parallel, historian, former Asylamba player, and Abdelaz3er’s friend, Sebrutus, spontaneously offers to help write the game’s lore and come up with its background, factions, and history. 

As for all things communications, Leburg, an expert in digital communication takes the lead. 

On his end, Novae starts composing the game’s music and meets Saxx, a talented sound engineer and sound designer who agrees to collaborate on the project.

In early 2020, the first illustrations are finalized and integrated into the rudimentary interface imagined by Abdelaz3r. Dan-Djuma, a young developer studying data processing joins the project and brings with him vigor in support of Abdelaz3r.

The game is now mature enough to start robustness testing of its initial functionalities and, in February 2020, the first alphas are launched in the form of regular evening play sessions. With over 40 players, these evenings live in infamy with team members who spend most of their time answering questions from players occasionally confused by this early version of the game. The tests are encouraging and the game’s potential recognized by players, but the remaining work to be done is colossal!

Abdelaz3er’s need for support is becoming critical, so the team decides to try and persuade Gencive Khan to join the project. A strong developer, Gencive Kahn has several skills that the team lacks and his arrival in the spring of 2020 is a real relief. 

At around the same time, the game’s name is put into question. Too difficult to remember, full of complex words that don’t really communicate much about the game, and a referencing nightmare, new ideas for the name are tossed around and two of them stick: Rising Constellation and Nebulae Wars!

Another member to arrive in spring, Lockdwn joins the communications team to lend his graphic design talents to the project.

Development follows its course and many test sessions are held throughout the summer of 2020 as the player community continues to grow.

In September, a crowdfunding campaign is organized and 15,000 EUR are collected. 

In the process, Floseidon shows up with his guns and cowboy hat to support the communications team and make sure that the game’s English translation is handled as accurately as possible. 

On November 25, 2020, a major milestone is reached: Rising Constellation is released in Early Access on Steam.

In December, « EPIC Tuesdays » gets its start as regular weekly sessions are organized on Tuesday evenings in order to test the new features published the previous day. For a while, a few Tactic games are also launched so as to test this game mode, but the mode still requires more calibration and more players. 

Work continues but Leburg, Dan-Djuma and Lockdwn unfortunately have to make professional choices that lead to them to leave the project.

Now, nearly 2 years after its inception, the game has seen the deployment of some of its last features, the 3 types of agents are fully operational, and the finalization of the game is fast approaching.

Rising Constellation is still a relatively unknown game, but summer is coming and before the world is inoculated it will invite itself on many screens around the world with the promise of wild Flash parties, hours of highly strategic Tactic match-ups and fiery diplomatic jousting in Legacy games. 

The RC team can’t thank enough the many fans who have been with us for the past few months. We have been happily surprised by the enthusiasm of our caring and understanding community members who are always ready to propose ideas and point out bugs.

We hope you enjoy the adventure and promise to keep working hard to complete the project and offer an original and exciting gaming experience!

The RC team

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