The Veteran Navarch Chronicle: Revolutionary Myrmezir

For a long time, humans have had the legal status of objects. Even today, the majority of living beings are « things » in the eyes of the law. What if we turned this outdated paradigm on its head by offering robots human dignity?
Jasselan de Myrmézir

In more than three thousand years of existence, the Tetrarchy had known many crises. There was the occasional cold war and, often, unavowed and unmentionable acts between Chatur, Tetran, Quartos and Quadrinople1. Nevertheless, those tetrarchs that were either eliminated or in difficulty were replaced with a semblance of solemnity and the game of four continued with new foundations and new stakes.

The emergence of Myrmezir definitively disrupted this precarious balance. Under the aegis of Tetran, Myrmezir was at first a simple foundation among thousands of others until a primarch2 named Amaxine of Myrmezir decided in 3670 to resign from her position and have all the members of her foundation vote on her successor. As is customary in tetrarchic culture, access to the upper echelons of a foundation’s hierarchy can solely be attained via appointment and is often hereditary. Her initiative had an explosive effect, especially since Myrmezir controlled many popular media outlets, such as the political debate symplex3, Tetramezir.

Many foundations followed suit. The tetrarch of Tetran was then summoned by his peers to intervene in person, but he felt that the eccentricity of Myrmezir actually offered a great attractiveness to his tetrarchy and that it be useful in facilitating diplomatic ties with many newly annexed territories.

Myrmezir’s aura continued to grow in the galaxy and its primarch was soon considered the most influential person in the galaxy. By the time Tetran, whose authority was increasingly being questioned, tried to curb its new rival, it was too late. Myrmezir had become a shining beacon of hope for oppressed peoples in search of self-determination. It was the time of revolutions and a myriad of systems designated themselves as devoted to serving Myrmezir.

On 1 α-Quartos 3958, exalted by its new status as a revolutionary leader, Myrmezir promulgated the abolition of machine slavery, which all tetrarchs had been fiercely opposed to since the dawn of time. This Myrmezirian decree had an enormous impact on the galaxy. It was a wonderful emancipatory opportunity for many of the worlds populated mainly by androids and other thinking machines. It reshuffled the diplomatic deck and ruined more than a few multisidereals4 that were not compensated for the loss of their free labor.

Myrmezir had become an idol, an emblem for the oppressed. Anyone who wished to honour the Myrmezir could join the cause and claim to be a citizen of Myrmezir.

1 Chatur, Tetran, Quartos and Quadrinople are the four capital planets of the Tetrarchy.
2 The primarch is the person occupying the highest rank in a foundation’s hierarchy.
3 The word « symplex » designates all kinds of media, from television to holo-broadcasting, including radio and social media. Certain symplexes are geared towards social interactions, others are useful for staying informed, and others yet offer offer the widest range of possibilities imaginable. Some are confidential or highly secure, especially those with military or diplomatic application.
4 A « multisidereal » is a gigantic company that managed to impose itself on multiple star systems.

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