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The Veteran Navarch Chronicle: Synel or the Union of Marginalized Peoples

Some star clusters seem a touch too far away from everything. There are also inhospitable planets where humans have too much to lose before gaining anything. Then, some systems seem to be on the edge of the world; the final stop before the infinite void. This is where the people commonly known as the Syns have settled. They themselves would not call themselves that, but would rather go by the Mbara, the Chenong, the igano or the Vishapir. Synel exists only in opposition to the rest of the galaxy. Scattered, remote or living on hostile planets, the Syns had to form a federation to prevent their neighbors from plundering them.

Smoke the tobacco grown on barren land, bathe in a stormy sea, build your home in a pernicious valley and you will understand the pride of being a Syn.
Nando Mikali

The Synelectic Federation brings together a multitude of peoples who can sometimes be very different from each other. They are spread throughout the known universe, although they are massively present in along its outer rim. The Federation arbitrates conflicts and wars that may arise between Syns. It also guarantees their solidarity in case of invasion. Finally, it coordinates diplomacy so that Synel presents itself united to its allies and adversaries. At more or less regular intervals, one of the federated peoples freely invites the others to address issues that concern the entire federation. These spontaneous official meetings, called legatures, set the pace for the political life of the Syns and are an essential moment of exchange and debate for the stability of Synel.

The history of the Synelectic Federation begins long before the Tetrarchy and even before the Akhenian Empire. The first systems to ally themselves were said to have done so in reaction to the Cardanian Wars of the Worthy1 around 2400 Before the Tetrarchy2. Since then, the federation has grown little by little, regularly welcoming new members. Some conquests, notably those of Akhena and the Tetrarchy, have taken away many Syn territories, but there are many stories of heroic resistance and the Syn way of life has been conducive to the creation of illustrious characters such as Nando Mikali, Kae Horo and Ali the Syn.

Myrmezir’s decision to abolish machine slavery was widely echoed in the Synelectic Federation. All Syn states quickly passed legislation to abolish machine slavery, with the exception of Sojir, Orokann and Hyrdabal, for which such a measure would have meant considerably destabilizing their economies. However, this dissent did not lead to any internal conflict. As the saying goes:

It doesn’t matter what happens elsewhere as long as the traditions are respected here.
Syn proverb

The same cannot be said for the rest of the galaxy, which faces a diplomatic crisis the likes of which humanity has never known. Faced with this looming threat that uncomfortably stretches towards their worlds’ borders, the Syns have taken their responsibilities and are more united than ever. Baikin Shendo, who had already repelled the Cardanians with very limited means during the invasion of the Nikar Belt, has been named Arkoshak. When an individual does something extraordinary for the common good, he is given the title of koshak. When times are hard, Synel chooses from among these local heroes the Arkoshak, the providential person who will save the Syns. The entire federation submits to him until the crisis is over and he returns to civilian life. In Baikin Shendo, the Synelectic Federation has in its ranks one of the greatest minds in the galaxy. In many ways, he is the perfect embodiment of Syn values: pragmatism, tolerance and determination. By relying on the Grey Militia, an army of craftsmen, mechanics and engineers, Synel’s fleets possess resilience and adaptability the likes of which their rivals envy.

1  The Wars of the Worthy is a sort of holy war. For more information, read the « Origins of Cardan » article.
2 The Tetrachy’s foundation marks year 1 on Rising Constellation’s calendar.

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