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The Veteran Navarch Chronicle : The stelloliberal empire A.R.K.

Azkos Technologies, Ravecroft, Kovaka. Such is the triad of the galaxy's most powerful companies. Involved in the aerospace, entertainment and terraforming industries, respectively, these sprawling companies have come together to form a superstructure that sits at the same negotiating table as the most powerful states in the galaxy.

Mission Legacy

Hello everyone, today we are clarifying Rising Constellation's development schedule (quite a program).

Translating Rising Constellation

Translating Rising Constellation from French into English was always a crucial part of Blackflag Games Studio’s release plan. With that said, it wasn’t until questions and comments about the game’s English release started piling up that we recognized the urgency of such a project.

The Veteran Navarch Chronicle: Revolutionary Myrmezir

In more than three thousand years of existence, the Tetrarchy had known many crises. There was the occasional cold war and, often, unavowed and unmentionable acts between Chatur, Tetran, Quartos and Quadrinople. Nevertheless, those tetrarchs that were either eliminated or in difficulty were replaced with a semblance of solemnity and the game of four continued with new foundations and new stakes.

Novae’s Lair

Welcome to Novae's studio - the place where the Rising Constellation soundtrack was created! This article is for the computer-assisted music creators out there who want to know more about soft and hardware side of music composition.

Such a Talented Community!

Throughout the development of Rising Constellation, we invited friends, former Asylamba players and - more recently with the Early Access - all interested players to come test the game. They came. They were full of enthusiasm. Here is their story (dun dun).